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2008 West Bend West 7th Grade Football

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2008 Video

Click on a link below to see some of the top plays from each game!

at Hartford Orange

at Germantown Gold

at Oshkosh West

K. Young 5yd. run

A. Sterr tackle

M. Frei 13 yd. catch

J. Diels QB sack

AL. Miller 15yd. catch

M. Frei 8yd. reception

J. Sullivan tackle

N. Clark 35yd. run

D. Hall 12yd. run

J. Diels explosive tackle

M. Frei 46 yd. reception

A. Sterr makes another tackle

M. Frei 9yd reception

D. Hall tackle

K. Cannon 5yd. run

Team D

M. Frei 15 yd. catch

N. Moreno fumble recovery

at Whitnall Navy

D. Hall 22yd. run

J. Diels Big Hit

Ar. Miller 23 yd. Reception

N. Clark 20 yd. TD Run

T. Elsinger and A. Sterr make tackle

D. Ferguson 9yd. reception

J. Sullivan 4 yd. Reception

J. Wagner Big Hit Tackle for Loss

Al. Miller 9 yd Run

M. Frei 12yd TD Catch

K. Young makes a tackle

M. Frei 10yd Pass Reception

Another J. Wagner Big Hit

N. Clark gains 12 yds on option play

J. Diels runs down ball carrier

M. Frei 11 yard TD Reception

D. Hall 28 yd. TD behind J. Diels big block

K. Cannon 5yd run

vs Kewaskum

J. Sullivan pass breakup

Good team defense

M. Frei 11yd. reception

D. Ferguson interception return

D. Hall 19yd. run

Ar. Miller make big block

A. Sterr QB sack

D. Ferguson pass reception

D. Hall 14yd. run

N. Moreno sacks QB

vs Slinger Blue

vs Lake Country Black

at Slinger Red

B. Rindfleisch & J. Frasheski make tackle

D. Hall kicks xp

D. Ferguson 12yd TD Reception

D. Hall 21yd TD Run

T. Elsinger & Alec Miller block kick


Ar. Miller 8yd pass reception

N. Moreno bats down pass

D.Hall to Al. Miller 12 yards downfield pitch

M. Frei 16yd Pass Reception

D. Hall big hit

J. Diels & C. Madrinich make big hit

D. Hall 43yd TD Run

C. Madrinich QB sack

J. Sullivan tackle

D. Hall to Ar. Miller downfield pitch

J. Wagner makes tackle

vs Random Lake

2007 Video (6th Grade)

at Thiensville-Mequon White

Kickoff Team

D.Hall to A.Duening 18 yard pass completion

J.Wagner 5 yard TD run

D.Hall to A.Duening 25 yard pass completion

N.Clark 10 yard run

Team Defense to start the game

D.Hall to M.Frei 15 yard pass completion

J.Wagner nice hit

D.Hall to Al.Miller 11 yard TD pass

Great team 'D' on last play of half

D.Hall to A.Duening 22 yard pass completion

at Lake Country Black

Ar.Miller fumble recovery and 48 yard TD return

D.Hall blocks kick

D.Ziarkowski forced fumble

D.Hall 20 yard screen pass to Nick Clark

Great Team 'D'

D.Hall 32 yard pass to A.Duening

J.Wagner 12 yard run

A.Duening fumble recovery

Ar.Miller 15 yard run

D.Hall 10 yard pass to A. Duening

J.Diels tackle

D.Hall 14 yard pass to A.Duening

Ar.Miller tackle

Team Defense

at Lake Country Red

D.Hall breaks up a pass

Al.Miller 11 yard gain on a counter play

D.Hall to A.Duening 37 yard pass completion

Team defense

Big defensive stop

D.Hall to A.Duening 16 yard pass completion

K.Young pass breakup

D.Hall to Ar.Miller 14 yard TD pass

Ar.Miller with a 13 yard gain on an option pitch

D.Hall 25 yard gain

vs. Oconomowoc Purple

J.Schmitt fumble recovery

Ar.Miller interception

J.Goetz blocks extra point

J.Wagner and B.Rindfleisch tackle

D.Hall 21 yard TD run

Awesome kick coverage

D.Hall to M.Frei 49 yard completion

D.Hall to A.Duening 23 yard TD Pass

Al.Miller interception

Al.Miller 88 yard TD Run

D.Hall 32 yard run

at Hartford Black

Big Defensive Stop

A.Duening to D.Hall 65 yard Reverse Pass TD

D.Hall to A.Duening 40 yard pass completion

vs. West Bend East

D.Hall 20 yard TD Run

B.Rindfleisch tackle

Ar. Miller 30 yard Punt Return TD

D.Hall 65 yard TD Run

J.Duening 27 yard Punt Return

D.Hall to A.Duening 27 yard TD Pass

at Slinger

No Film

vs. Cudahy

D.Hall to Ar.Miller 11 yard TD Pass

Jon Goetz with the tackle

D.Hall to A.Duening 20 yard TD Pass

D.Hall PAT - M.Frei holds

Spartan 'D' forces a fumble

D.Hall to A.Duening 31 yard TD Pass

2006 Video (5th Grade)

vs. West Bend East

J.Wagner 28yd TD Run

vs. Oconomowoc Purple

D. Hall to A. Duening 56yd TD catch